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Prohibition Orchestra was formed in 2018 in Graz, Austria.

 Composed of the leader, arranger and pianist Nobuo Watanabe and his cherry-picked 9 young musicians from 7 different countries, this international 10 piece orchestra authentically performs Hot Jazz from the Prohibition era, 1920-1933. Their repertoire ranges from the hot numbers from Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington, as well as the sweet melodies of George Gershwin and Cole Porter, to the European hits from the era.



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1 month ago

Foto vom letzten Freitag bei Wir feiern Geburtstag - 10 Jahre Career Service Center

7 months ago
Konzert "The Prohibition Orchestra" beim Ambrosi Museum - Video2

Here’s a little snippet of our concert last week in Stallhofen!

Konzert "The Prohibition Orchestra" beim Ambrosi Museum 2018

8 months ago

Wow, was war das für eine grandiose Reise zurück in die 1920er Jahre! Applaus für das Prohibition Orchestra!!!

9 months ago

A Night at the Opera

10 months ago

11 months ago
Prohibition Orchestra - Midnight Roaring 20s Party

Photographs by Simon Reithofer / Reithofer Media

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